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When you speak with Pat Fannin at Fannin Litigation Group, the first thing you will notice is that he listens to you. Since you are the priority, he recognizes that your concerns and questions come first. He also takes the time to answer you and explain your options in detail.

Your case is unique to you and, even though our firm handles many cases just like it, we know your case is different. Why? Call us old fashioned but we feel a personal injury case should be personal. By making it personal, we are able to make the judge and jury see that your settlement isn’t just a dollar figure, it is your future.

Details, details.

Since we see your case as unique, we are scrupulous about the details. We leave no piece of information unexamined. We are nothing like the settlement mills that quickly settle your claim; we take the time to determine exactly what you will need today and in the future.

Knowing all of the pertinent information about you, your needs, your goals, and your injury helps us to obtain an appropriate settlement. You might even say that the amount of your settlement is in the details.

Professional and caring

At Fannin Litigation Group, we are experienced and knowledgeable about all things related to personal injury law. Our meticulous attention to detail helps us to win our cases. However, we don’t feel that caring about our clients compromises our professionalism. On the contrary, we think we fight harder for our clients because we are genuinely concerned for their future.

Helping you relax

If you have been injured, your first priority should be to get well. Stress and worry can slow your recovery. We tackle the issues causing your greatest stress, allowing you to relax and heal. We focus on showing you a hopeful future and work hard to make it a reality.

If you have been injured and you are looking for results based on you, your needs, and your desires for the future, you want the personal attention you will receive from Pat Fannin at the Fannin Litigation Group. Give us a call today.

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