Do You Need A M-Cor Hip Claim Attorney?

Several M-Cor artificial hips have broken after M-Cor Hip Replacement only a few years of use under circumstances that should not have resulted in a broken or defective hip.  At Fannin Litigation Group, we are presently looking for others who have had an M-Cor hip or hips installed to help determine the cause of the breaking M-Cor hips.

The M-Cor Hip:

The M-Corp hip is a titanium, artificial hip.  The M-Cor Hip is considered a medical device under federal law.  Manufacturers and distributors of certain types of medical devices are immune from liability.  We have discovered the original FDA documents approving the M-Cor hip for use in the United States and have determined that it is not the type of medical device that enjoys this immunity.

M-Cor Hip Litigation, Claims and Lawsuits:

Broken M-Cor Hip AttorneySeveral M-Cor Hip lawsuits and claims are ongoing and in litigation due to the M-Cor hip’s premature failure. If you have an M-Cor Hip that has broken, failed, or is defective, please contact us right away.

M-Cor Hip Attorney:

At Fannin Litigation, we are presently asserting claims for the premature and unexpected breaking and failure of the M-Cor Hip.  We are making these claims on a contingent basis, meaning we will get paid only if we recover for you.

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Note:  We have not recovered any money yet and the manufacturer of the M-Cor Hip denies any fault.  The failures may be due to poor installation and other things beyond the manufacturer’s or installing physician’s control.  Discovery is ongoing.  This web page and content is not to be construed as a medical, legal or engineering opinion regarding the M-Cor Hip, its design or safety.