Spokane Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer


I have helped several victims of drunk drivers. In one case, a drunk driver hit a pedestrian in a residential area at such a fast rate of speed, his body was literally liquefied on impact. The medical examiner’s office had no body to collect – only fluids.


In several other cases, the driver was heading the wrong direction down I90. These cases are so tragic because the harm is often so great and yet so preventable. Often, drunks do not carry enough insurance, which further complicates the matter. Sometimes we have to look at the bar serving the drunk to see if it over served an obviously intoxicated person.


When a drunk driver hits the road, they are an accident waiting for a place to happen. If you have encountered a drunk driver, you may have sustained severe injuries, or you may be suffering from the loss of a loved one. If you or someone you love has been in an accident because of the negligent choices of another person, you need skilled representation. You need someone you will help fight your legal battles and make certain your recovery is paid in full. You need the professional legal services of Fannin Litigation Group. When it comes to car and drunk driving accidents, we have years of dedicated courtroom experience. We know how to represent you with your interests in mind. Fannin Litigation Group is your Spokane car accident lawyer.


After the accident

It is important to help the prosecuting attorney throw the book at the drunk driver to make sure the person does not repeat. Often, the State goes soft and wants to plea bargain the DUI down to something else. We can consult with you as part of our representation to help the State prosecute this person.


Covering medical bills and doctor visits isn’t enough. You might have extensive physical therapy and years of future treatment. You may have missed out on opportunities or wages because of the accident. You might have extensive pain and suffering, or changes to your lifestyle. The accident could have caused alterations to your familial relations. We want your recovery to be fair. Everything in your life that changed because of the accident will be reviewed.


If you or someone you love has been in an accident, make the right call. We offer a free initial consultation. We will listen to your case and help you make decisions. When you want professional legal representation you need Fannin Litigation Group on your side.