Fannin Litigation Group, P.S. Testimonials

Clients come to Pat for his compassion, understanding & expertise.
5 out of 5
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Personal Injury

Wonderful Attorney

““Mom is telling everyone about her “wonderful attorney”. You guys managed to help her feel that people do care what happened to Dad, and she is at peace about having stood up for him. Thanks so much!””

Rating by Deb Yager: 5.0 stars – Feb. 15, 2017


Personal Injury

Above And Beyond

“You went above and beyond anything one might wish for. Thank you so much! From my family and myself.”

Rating by Ellen Yager: 5.0 stars – Jan. 1, 2017

Personal Injury

Thank you for your hard work

“I did not wish to bother you, however I did want to thank you for all 0f you hard work and for being my father’s and mother’s advocate.

I wanted to thank you for the peace you have given to my mother.

I can not express in words how grateful my daughter and I are for everything you have done for our family sir; we are beholding to you.

I believe my father would say, he would have been proud to know you.

Please take care Mr. Fannin, I wish you and your family all the best.


Rating by Previously Client: 5.0 stars – May 09, 2015

Empathy,Kindness, Grace and Honesty

“Dear Mr. Fannin,

I have several things to say to you, however the most important one is thank you.

I cannot explain fully how much your empathy,kindness, grace and honesty means to my family.

I owe you a debt of gratitude sir, you have given my mother a sense of peace and purpose, so regardless of how this case ends we will always be grateful to you.

With utmost respect, “

Rating by Previously Client: 5.0 stars – July 14, 2014

Thank you!

Pat and Dawn,
Thank you so much for helping me and walking me through this claim. you two were so kind and professional. I appreciate your patience, you are good at what you do!

Rating by Previously Client: 5.0 stars – September 11, 2015

I can’t thank you enough!

Pat ,Thank You! For everything you have done for my family and I . You have worked so diligently for my best interest, I can’t thank you enough! Trust me I have told everyone that would listen how much respect and admiration for you and your staff . Ever time I call you took my call or got right back to me . You have made a horrible situation somewhat bearable. You always had my best interest at hart and got results that were FAR GREATER THEN I WAS LEAD TO BELIEVE I WAS ENTITLED TO . Once again, on behalf of my wife Annie my son Michael Jr. , and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH . Have a great Easter. I will call you soon .

Rating by Michael: 5.0 stars – 2013

Medical Malpractice

Not many out there like Pat

Not many out there like Pat, nice a genuine, nice guy that gets results.
The clients love him, the jury likes him, and like one of the other reviews in here, I consider him a friend.
I have referred him and will continue to do so as long as he’s in practice.

Rating by Teresa: 5.0 stars – 2010

Car / Auto Accident

Helpful To Our Family

Mr. Patrick Fannin handled my husband’s Lawsuit. The case took 4 years to settle, through this Mr. Fannin was very helpful to our family, always having our best interest. Mr. Fannin kept us very informed of what was happening. He always told us exactly what was going to happen and how we should proceed ahead. We were very happy with Mr. Fannin and would highly recommend to anyone who would need a lawyer. We now consider Mr. Fannin to be a good family friend.

Rating by Tina: 5.0 stars – 2009


Someone You Can Trust

You cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to choosing an attorney. When you are in a serious situation, you need someone you can count on, someone you can trust. The bottom line is you can’t just trust any lawyer. Unfortunately, I have had to count on Pat more than once and each time he has delivered a stellar verdict. You can’t go wrong!

Rating by a Litigation client: 5.0 stars – 2007


Fantastic Attorney

I was provided with excellent service and ended up getting a better settlement than I thought I was getting. This office is dedicated and really takes pride in their work.

Rating by Annonymous: 5.0 stars – February 06, 2008