Experienced Spokane, WA Dog Bite Attorney

Spokane Dog Bite LawyerI am an attorney who understands the emotional and physical scarring that a dog bite can cause. I have represented countless individuals attacked, mauled or bitten by dogs of all kinds, including pit bulls, German Shepherds and others. I have represented babies, children, adults and seniors bitten on the hands, face, legs and other body parts.

Most of the cases tend involve dogs owned by family, friends or neighbors. These cases often require diplomacy because the attack victims feel that they need a lawyer to help deal with the medical bills, scarring and other problems caused by the dog bite but the dog owners may feel defensive. I am good in these situations.

If you have been attacked or bitten by a dog, please do the following:

Try to identify the owner of the dog or at least the owner’s address.

Call the local authorities and report the bite. In Spokane, call Spokanimal at 509 534-8133.

Get immediate medical treatment. Even simple puncture wounds can become infected so seek professional help. Note that having the your and the dog’s immunization records may help your doctor determine how to treat you.

Photograph all physical injuries such as bite marks before and after medical treatment.

Identify any witnesses, including their name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Contact me. I will give you a free consultation. So long as you were not trespassing or provoking the dog at the time of the bite, you probably are entitled to recover all of your expenses, including the cost of medical treatment, and the value of your scarring – both physical and emotional. These can be significant – especially facial scarring. I can help you value the worth of your scarring based on the extent and location of the scarring.

Avoid entering any type of agreement with the dog owner until you have consulted with me. For instance, dog owners will often offer to pay your medical bills or insurance co-pays. While those owners may have good intent, if you accept those types of offers, the lawyers for their insurance company may later argue that you settled the case. I will help you structure any such offer so that it does not limit a future recovery.

If you retain me to help you with your dog bite injury, I will start by diplomatically contacting the dog owner to determine whether there is a homeowner’s insurance policy that will compensate you for damages. I will explain to that person that we are interested in making an insurance claim – not in personally suing them. I will also help you decide whether you should seek a plastic surgeon consult to find out about decreasing the appearance of any scar or professional counseling if you have any residual anxiety about dogs and fear of dog attacks.

Often, dog bites involve children. There are special laws in Washington that must be followed before resolving a case involving a minor. I can assist you with those as well.