Motorcycle Accidents: Common Injuries And Legal Help

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

I have been an avid motorcyclist for years and have a Washington State Motorcycle Endorsement. I have had motorcycle endorsements in three different states over the years. I know first-hand how frustrating other drivers can be – cutting off another car or failing to yield is rude enough – but when a motorist does that to a motorcyclist, it can be deadly. Statistics show that two-thirds of motorcycle accidents with another vehicle occur because the other drive violated the motorcyclist’s right of way. Motorcycle accidents can leave the motorcycle rider in poor shape. The lack of any substantial protection creates the opportunity for a number of serious injuries. Common injuries include fractures, road rash, disfigurement and even death. As a motorcycle accident attorney, I can assist motorcyclists achieve just compensation following a motorcycle accident.

Road Rash Injuries

Many motorcyclists wear protective outerwear, such as jeans and leather jackets and boots. These clothing choices help limit body damage in the event an accident occurs. Road rash happens when a motorist’s skin comes in contact with the street or pavement. Individuals thrown from a motorcycle may experience severe road rash, due to the speed at which they are moving. The condition can result in minor scratches and bruises or burns and abrasions affecting the skin and bones. Road rash cases can lead to hospitalization, skin graft surgery and lifelong skin disfigurement or scarring.


Even the safety conscious motorcyclist can sustain life-altering or life-ending injuries. Many times, motorcycle accidents result in facial disfigurement, even when the rider is wearing a helmet. A lack of protective face gear, such as a shield, leaves the facial area vulnerable; and riders can sustain damage to their teeth, jawbone and head. These types of injuries may require hospitalization or reconstructive surgery, which can result in a considerable financial impact.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Spinal Cord Injuries and Fractures

A motorcyclist’s legs are particularly vulnerable. The impact from a vehicle in a sideswipe accident can fracture or break the bones in a motorcycle rider’s legs. Furthermore, being thrown from a motorcycle can cause breaks in the arms, neck, back or other areas. Broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, and puncture wounds are not uncommon. They also cause severe pain and require substantial recovery time and financial resources. Spinal cord injuries are serious and can result in paralysis of the legs or body. Spinal cord injuries cause life-altering damage, as some people never walk again.

As a motorcycle accident attorney, I can assist a victim with recovery. Experienced lawyers apply their knowledge of insurance and the law to recover from the responsible party. In addition, an attorney can help the victim with the collection of evidence and negotiation with the insurance company. If an insurance company does not make a fair or just offer, the attorney can build a case and argue it before a court of law.