Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer For Truck Accidents

Spokane has more than its fair share of heavy trucks coming in and out of the city. This poses a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Truck accidents aren’t as prevalent as car accidents but the devastation they cause is usually more catastrophic, resulting in more deaths and critical injuries.

Since a large truck fleet may be an integral cog in a large corporation, gathering evidence in truck accident cases is critical to the outcome of the case. Proper maintenance records and driver logs are often smoking guns that can determine the true cause of the accident that left you suffering the consequences. Cutting through the corporate red tape to obtain this evidence as soon as possible is critical.

Getting The Proper Truck Accident Settlement

If you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by a truck or other heavy vehicle, you need to call Fannin Litigation Group now. Most trucking firms have aggressive attorneys on their side who immediately try to dissuade you from pursuing a fair and equitable settlement in favor of a resolution that is not in your long-term best interest. Most people are not familiar with the medical, rehab, and residual costs associated with a serious injury. The costs spread over several years are far higher than you can predict off the top of your head.

We believe in a fully informed plaintiff. We let you know why we are fighting for the settlement we do. We have all the latest data and projections of the costs for your particular injury. We want you to assure you of a settlement that isn’t a bandaid. It is in your best interest to know what you are up against in the future. After all, your case and the settlement we reach as your Spokane truck accident lawyer, is all about you.